Owners Who Have Managed to Grow SMEs Successfully in the UK

Small and medium enterprises in the United Kingdom account for the majority of the business class. This group supports the economy greatly, having recorded absorption of at least 61% of the employed population. There are several small start-ups, some individually owned while some are managed by groups. Successful owners of these SMEs include the following.

Kim Antoniou

Kim Antoniou is the founder of Kafoodle, an award-winning organisation known for meal planning, recipe and menu management, stock evaluation, allergen control and digital ordering. With her long-time friend Tarryn Gorre, Kim decided to set up the business after a traumatic experience. She watched her husband being resuscitated after receiving the wrong allergen information. Since 2014, the company has grown, gaining trust from its clients. Kim is also a co-founder at Auris Tech.

Simon Chinn

Simon is a UK based entrepreneur who in 2014 founded Lightbox together with his cousin Jonathan Chinn from the USA. The British producer is a two-time Oscar winner, and his Lightbox venture has worked with top companies such as Netflix, Xbox Studios, ESPN, National Geographic and BBC2. This business has employed several people, including Ed Perkins as a director and Joe Ingham, a development executive.

Andrew Diprose

Andrew Diprose is the founder and CEO at Rootwave, an organisation that invents farming technology. Rootwave, also known as Ubiqutek, uses electricity to kill weeds giving an alternative to herbicides. This technology is cost-effective compared to chemicals and has fewer adverse effects on the environment. Many people’s positive response to this technology has contributed to the continued success of the company.

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