About SME 2017

Small and medium businesses (SMEs) have become the world’s leading model of entrepreneurship. Their size means that their capital and resource requirements can be afforded by many aspiring entrepreneurs.

However, while there are SMEs opening up shop every day, most of them fall a short way down the road. Business owners need advice, exposure, and education to help them create lasting ventures. This site is designed to provide those same support services.

The site seeks to answer any questions that may perplex SME owners, both existing and potential ones. Through research, it has been established that some business teething problems can be avoided. This site highlights those and also others that you must go through in business. Some categories on the site include the following.

SME Owners

Emulation is a crucial tactic in business. When you do what successful people are doing, you are likely to have the same results. This section discusses some of the most successful SME owners and what they have done to get to where they are. It also touches on the habits you need to cultivate as an SME owner aiming for success.

Programmes and Conferences

It is also necessary to keep interacting with other people in similar fields if you intend to grow. This gives you a chance to evaluate your growth, share your experiences and also learn new tactics for application. The resources to help you in this regard are discussed here.


Besides what is covered on this site, there is a guide to further reading. In the process of gathering information for this site, writers often come across some precious resources. So, it is only fair if you get directions to them too.

The goal of this site is to see successful SME owners increase in numbers. Your input is thus also welcome in a bid to grow together as a business community.